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Give yourself a little grace

It was so refreshing to hear Olive say out loud while looking in the mirror “I look so beautiful in this outfit!”. They were trying on outfits for a formal day at school and finally she found one that worked. It was a kind and loving observational statement that is opposite to how we often speak.

The adult monologue sounds more like…

“Agghhh I look so bloated!”” or

“I’’m feeling so fat!” or

“That was a stupid thing I just said!”

A couple years back I heard an amazing suggestion (can’t recall where) to start speaking to ourselves with the type of language and encouragement that we would use with a loving child.

This suggestion was an eye opener to the lack of self compassion that adults often express with themselves. Where we would often forgive others we fail to forgive ourselves, and this negative internal (or external) tone has a toxic impact on our psyche.

It’s time to show yourself some compassion and love. Next time you have something to say to yourself, recognize the good and show yourself a little grace.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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