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Even the Tooth Fairy makes mistakes

“Guess how much money the tooth fairy brought me dad... Nothing!!??”

My stomach lurches, as the tears start to flow from Olive’s innocent eyes.

A harsh realization settles into the pit of my stomach.

Mistakes have been made and my mind is racing to solve this tiny yet devastating problem.

Looking out the window it's 5:26am and I realize that the ‘night’ has possibly not even ended yet for the Tooth Fairy.

“Maybe your arms were hiding the tooth and she hasn’t been able to get to it?”

“Maybe we're the last house at the end of a long Tooth Fairy run?”

Karina walks in mid sobs, our eyes meet, I now have a teammate, and can see the outline of a solution forming.

“We have got to get the light back off and get the tooth back under the pillow Olive! There is still night left!” I shout.

We cross our fingers, keep the door securely shut, and Olive joins me for the start of our workout.

As we discuss and ‘forgive’ the Tooth Fairy, Olive informs me that there was another night that the Tooth Fairy left money without taking the tooth…

Here was the opening that I needed.

“Olive!” I exclaim, “did you check to see if this has happened again?”

We race back to Olive’s room to check for a second time.

As Olive grabs for the pillow she notices that the tooth holder is no longer rattling.

The unthinkable has happened… The tooth Fairy arrived while we were exercising only two rooms away!

The tears have now evaporated and devastation has turned to amazement.

Our conversation merrily turns to speculation on the appearance and size of the Fairy.

I am also informed at this point that Olive has seen the Easter Bunny before… news to me (about three feet tall with a bow fyi).

Another day. Another learning experience.

There must be a better process to help forgetful parents.

As usual there is always a solution and step one is to avoid panic.

Almost any situation can be rectified with teamwork and creativity.

Stay calm. Be kind. Things will always work.

  • That's a peak ethos.

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