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“Dad, I ate three pickles!”

While helping Hazel open a pickle jar at 8 am to cap off a healthy breakfast of Eggo waffles and lucky charms, I was struck by the individuality of food preference. Although the tangy zing of garlic and vinegar makes me gag early in the morning, there are clearly inherent differences in palates.

The variety of tastes whether genetic or trained, are vast, and these differences are generally accepted as a natural part of being human.

Unlike food choice it seems many people in society cannot imagine that this same type of diversity would permeate every other area of individuality as well.

As an example, the polarization surrounding COVID or ‘woke’ issues tend to inspire conflict, discontent, and often an overall lack of respect for dissenting opinions.

Demanding that others must see the world in the same way as us is not only unnatural, it is deeply narcissistic.

Don’t let your ego convince you that everyone must view the world ‘exactly’ as you do. Differences in perspective, taste, and ideology are OK and help foster new learning.

Even if you don’t crave pickles in the morning, enjoy the splendor that diversity brings to life.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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