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Bring your pet to work

Last week I finally got the opportunity to meet Paisley, the newest canine addition to our office halls. Watching Paisley arrive on the heels of her ‘dad’ Randall, touched my heart with a burst of joy.

(It didn’t hurt that Paisley is one of the cutest dogs ever haha)

The effect that a dog has on lifting the energy around the workplace is palpable.

I’ve noticed that any time a pet visits the office or classroom, faces light up, moods lift, and morale rises.

Karina had wanted to have a classroom dog for years, as she had observed the positive effect it has on students.

Dogs have a calming effect, a way of diffusing tense situations, and are an empowering tool to foster responsibility and love.

Customer obsessed businesses like Fairmont, have known this for years, and guests of the Hotel MacDonald may have seen their hotel dog, Smudge.

Make life a little brighter, by bringing these ‘furry’ loved ones into the workplace.

If bureaucracy or ‘crunchy personalities’ put up barriers, it might be a sign that it’s time to find a new work-home.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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