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Beautiful endings

We generally remember the last part of an article, the last thing discussed at a meeting, and the last portion of most conversations.

When something great comes to a conclusion, it is a joy when that final memory and the feelings associated are especially beautiful.

Our family had a beautiful farewell this week in Mannville, where we said goodbye to thirteen years of being connected to the community through teaching, learning, and fun.

The stars aligned for the last day of classes as Olive’s teacher was away for her son’s graduation, allowing me to sub teach Olive on her last day of grade 3 and last day at Mannville school.

The weather gods smiled on us as the forecast rain gave way to sunny skies.

Capture the flag, kick-ball, bean bag golf, mini-golf, movies, and candy bags were just some of the great moments from the day.

While the girls have had thousands of great memories of their time in Mannville, it is still a gift to get to end the journey on such a high note.

It was a reminder about the benefit of putting some extra pizzazz into our next ending.

Perhaps it's a great punchline,

a thought provoking comment,

a kind word,

or a gesture of gratitude.

These final memories will burn into our minds forever, a glowing beacon of beauty.

The payoff is worth a million times more than the bit of extra energy required to create.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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