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ASK, even when the answer might be NO

My instructions were “KEEP BUILDING!” as my youngest daughter went out for a walk with her mom during our recent lego building project to be submitted for the local county fair.

I’m not sure which of the multiple possible lessons this scenario was supposed to teach me,

Is it...

People will take from you, until you are firm enough to stand your ground?


What is the minimum amount of personal input required for a project that still allows you to claim it as your own? (Is this project Hazel’s or mine?)

What I know for certain is that asking for a ridiculous amount of help is something that comes very easily to children, and is something that diminishes as we reach adulthood.

Embrace asking for help, it’s usually a who problem, not a how problem,

AND be completely comfortable with receiving a ‘NO’.

Don’t let previous rejection prevent you from continuing to ask for help.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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