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A puzzling leadership connection

This week we finished our fourth Wentworth puzzle.

These beautiful wood puzzles from Great Britain are works of art.

There was a moment of sheer panic when one empty whole remained in the beautiful ‘Blooming Wolf’s face’.

Luckily a quick flashlight search located the missing piece wedged between the dresser.

The ‘click’ of the final wooden piece dropping into place is the sound of heaven.

You must experience the magic yourself.

It became clear to me as we were whittling away the last pieces of the puzzle, how team puzzling is an analogy to great leadership.

Although it is fun to drop the pieces in yourself, It is even more amazing to ‘make space’ for your partner to have the win.

It takes sharing, and a check to the competitive spirit, but it is beautiful to give space for someone else’s victory.

Share the glory.

Embrace the meditative calm of a great puzzle,

And subtly work on the art of great teamwork.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos!

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