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You set the tone that you receive

“Are you mad?” cried Hazel after falling into a giant winter puddle.

Through the stress of frantically trying to get the girls home after a long work day I will admit that my first inclination was to angrily yell something like “YES I’m mad… I JUST WANT TO GET HOME!”. The completely soaked coat, pants and boots was not what I envisioned figuring out in the back alley behind my office.

Fortunately I could register the fear and embarrassment in her eyes already, and instead… I took a breath…laughed and said… “That was an amazing fall!”

My internal restraint held, and I was able to embrace the humour of the scene.

This response was met with laughter of her own and the tears faded away into comedy.

I wrangled up a set of Papa’s work clothes from the back of the truck to keep her warm and we quickly carried on.

I have learned this lesson from both sides hundreds of times during my teaching career. The tone and energy that you receive from the audience is simply a reflection of you.

From rage to joy, laughter to tears, notice that what you put out to the world is often returned to you immediately.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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