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You always remember the way it made you feel

It was the 100th day of school at Mannville School and my daughters were so excited. The day was going to include things like:

  • Dressing like hundred year olds

  • Sharing their 100 day projects (crafts)

  • Getting treats

  • Playing special games

This celebration had them dancing around the house, talking excitedly about the day and had even elevated their energy and enthusiasm for days in advance.

Whether it’s the ‘100 day’, or the more traditional celebrations like Valentines, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or St. Patrick’s day, one thing is clear...

celebrations create joy, great memories and make life ‘richer’.

I’ve always been critical of teachers who forego ‘celebration’ in lieu of getting through more ‘content and curriculum’. These individuals generally miss the purpose and point of life.

I challenge you to recall any of the content and curriculum you learned as a kid, let alone who taught you it.

Meanwhile, see if you can’t bring a smile to your face while recalling dances, costumes, crafts, laughter, and all the amazing emotions that are tied to celebrations.

Whether at school, business, or with friends,

people rarely remember the content, but they always remember how they felt.

Take the time to celebrate more, and create more of the ‘right kind of feelings’.

These are likely the only things that will be remembered.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos

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1 comentário

Hank Van Yken
Hank Van Yken
27 de fev. de 2022

Sorry for your lose. Never an easy time because yes they had a deep spot in your heart and day after day were completely YOURS.

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