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Will they cry when you’re gone?

Based on Olive’s uncontrollable sobbing you could have assumed that a loved relative had died, or perhaps her dog was killed, or maybe even that she had been severely hurt on the playground.

From the end of the school day yesterday till bedtime that evening, intermittent bouts of crying erupted within the house accompanied by the consistent line of… “I miss Miss Minish”.

Miss Minish is not dead, or injured in any way.

She has simply completed a two month teaching practicum in Olive’s grade three class, on the way to becoming a fully trained teacher.

Based on the stories and the tears, she has made quite a powerful connection with many of the children, including Olive.

Putting aside any emotional regulation issues that Olive obviously has (haha), I did muse on the observation that certain people are able to make a significant impact in a very short time.

It seems that energy, commitment, kindness, fun, enthusiasm, beauty, and listening, amongst other ingredients, consistently blend together to leave a lasting mark.

Whatever the magic formula may be, strong communication skills, high emotional quotient (EQ), and general kindness are key.

How may we add a few more of these ingredients to our own practice?

Maybe it's time to ask ourselves…

”Will anyone cry when we are gone?”

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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