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What you put out into the world always comes back to you

Whether you believe in Karma, the law of attraction, or simply the probability of pleasant returns, my experience has shown me that the energy you put into the world always returns to you in spades.

An interesting cosmic sign of this phenomenon (or coincidence) occurred on our trip through Kananaskis this week. While fueling up along our driving holiday I noticed a particularly cool looking Mini Cooper, in a colour I loved. Being the car nerd I am, I took a picture of the car while the owner was in the store and when she emerged I simply said, “I love your car, what a beautiful colour”.

These words were very authentic and I felt like sharing.

Her smile and “thank you” implied that she liked the words of solidarity toward her colour choice.

The trip carried on.

That evening while walking to our parked car in Salmon Arm a kind old lady on an electric scooter smiled at the girls then boldly declared to Karina “I love the colour of your car!”.

I don’t give car colour compliments very often (one per year?) and receive them at about the same frequency.

It felt good.

I’ve been making a point of sharing smiles and kindness more freely, knowing the positivity is contagious and spreading. Although we may not always see it, our energy attracts the same energy.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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