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What are you manifesting?

I listened to a friend describe recent holiday mishaps, challenges with school and children, adverse health conditions, and sleep issues. 

It seems that a disproportionate amount of hardships befall the people who consistently describe life through a lens of adversity. 

I also believe that the world around us is simply a projection of our stories, mindset and attitudes. 

Tony Robbins would say that there are people who know that “life is happening for us” versus the people walking around as victims of a “life that is happening to them”.

This week when the outside air temperature felt like -53 degrees celsius I celebrated a few things:

  • We are ‘cold tempered’ into hardy people who can handle anything,

  • the harsh winters keep the population density low,

  • and most importantly, poisonous snakes and insects don’t survive here.

Pay attention to the stories you are telling. 

Be the hero, not the victim.

Change your story, change your future.

That’s a peak ethos.

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