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There is always an opportunity cost

I pointedly avoided a meeting recently where ten teachers deliberated around a table for over half of an hour regarding one student and his behaviour.

The goals and discussions, while considerate I'm sure, were a clear and intentional allocation of five total teaching hours of time, on an issue that is the product of 14 years of home-life programming. (Not a quick fix!).

I am not suggesting that the five hours of investment is not important, prudent or well intended.

I am simply pointing out a condition that often exists when one activity is chosen over the thousand other options available.

Opportunity cost is real.

Time is finite.

Five hours spent on one thing can rarely be allocated to something else simultaneously.

Choose your focus wisely, be intentional about your priorities, and make sure you are comfortable stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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