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The reaction tells the real story

My best friend Scott just won $1,200,000 in a 50/50 draw. When he face-timed me in mild shock to reveal this news, there were a lot of whoops, cheering and even some jovial curses.

This event was the catalyst for one of the funniest text streams among our friend group and also provided the basis for one of the most fun ‘church’ sessions that we’ve had in a while.

As I watched this amazing news radiate outwards, it became obvious that observing people’s reactions to hearing the information really tells us whether they are living with abundance vs. scarcity.

There seem to be two distinct reactions:

  1. “Holy S$%t that is amazing!” - ABUNDANCE

  2. “Aawww, I’ve bought tickets every game and never ever won.” - SCARCITY

Embrace an abundance mindset and next time someone shares something amazing, whether it's a great hair day, exceptional test score or big lottery win,

join in the cheers, congratulations and excitement.

You just may find that sharing the joy takes us all up a level.

- Now that’s a peak ethos!

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