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The lottery 'litmus test’

As a child it was protocol for Granny (a trained hairdresser) to cut our hair. This trend continued until there was no longer enough hair to merit anything more than a buzz cut.

The usual form of payment to Granny, other than a thank you, was a lotto ticket.

It was less about expecting the ‘big win’, and more about imagining the things we would do.

This fun ritual occurred hundreds of times over the years with a few ‘free plays’ and the odd twenty dollar payout. I’d like to think this is part of the brainwashing that still has me buying lotto tickets at least once a month.

Although the science of happiness will tell us that no significant life improvements occur with a lottery win, I have always found the ‘lottery litmus test’ to be a great tool to analyze your current life and habits.

Specifically, how many things would you change if you won the jackpot right now?

Few changes = you are on the right track

Many changes = time to adjust some things now

My 2020 litmus test included an amazing balance of my time, that I likely would have not changed at all with a lottery win. Great family time, a fun mix of teaching, farming, flying and business, learning great things, and working with great people.

I can see that 2021 needs a few adjustments.

Reflect on what the 'lottery litmus test’ would identify in your own life, and make a few changes today.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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