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The joy of creation

“Intelligent people are born to create…” is a quote I love. 

The girls and I took on our first resin art project this Christmas as we crafted ornaments for mom. Despite the amateurish quality of the finished product, we were giddy with pride, and excited to share the gift.

If you think back to the last creative project you embarked on, no matter how elementary in scope, you will likely recall a similar sense of accomplishment that accompanied it.

A meal assembled from limited ingredients.

A halloween costume created from scraps of fabric.

A treehouse constructed in your backyard.

A speech written for a friend’s wedding.

There is a ‘flow state’ that often arises during creative endeavours, where time melts away, and the activity consumes all attention and energy. 

The people who make society great are often those who took raw materials, added their skill, creativity, and passion, to create something new, exciting, and better. 

What you can create, both for your life, and with your life, is limited only by the constraints you have created. Dream big, act now.

  • That’s a peak ethos.

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