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The ‘Cool’ Factor

Olive and I fueled up a very cool airplane this week at the Vegreville airport. It was a Piper Super Cub on bush tires that was on a journey from Alaska to Minnesota. It also happened to be piloted by a boisterous, young, female pilot named Sara.

Olive is no stranger to being around aircraft and my pilot buddies, but they usually have two things in common; old and male. So when Olive got to chat with a pretty, bubbly, new ‘friend’ she was smitten, and I could see her view of aviation change in a blink.

Olive has never shown any interest in aviation or piloting and rarely wants to go flying with me, yet on the way home from the airport Olive happily stated “I think I would like to be a pilot one day dad”.

People who exude positive energy, and the ‘cool factor’ can have a disproportionately influential impact on our lives. Being around these people can inspire us to achieve things beyond our own imagination, and this is why being in proximity to these mentors is invaluable.

Find yours.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

Olive has a matching set of Sara’s boots in the mail already… They were “so cool”.

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