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In an innocent Jiu Jitsu training mishap, involving a knee colliding with an eye, I received one of the few ‘shiners’ of my life. As a 43 year old professional, walking around with a black eye exposes a few interesting psychological/social observations.

It seems that there are generally three broad categories of people and their responses:

  • The majority of people are not interested, connected, or observant enough to notice. Probably like most of us, too drawn into their own battles to even take a look around.

  • The shy observers, who will look-twice in recognition, but don’t want to invade your world with questions or interest, far too worried about social ‘norms’ to do anything but quietly create their own story.

  • And finally my favourite group. Those that have the curiosity to notice, the social elegance to tactfully ask, and the humour to engage the story with improv and banter. These folks generally leave you both laughing, even at your most foolish mistakes.

Open your eyes to the details of life, and unabashedly ask the questions that arise.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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