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RIP Coco

I received a heart wrenching phone call from Hazel on Monday, “Dad… Coco is dead.. (Sob sob).”

Coco was Hazel’s first personal pet, and one of two new farm kittens we rescued from a local trailer park.

Although it had only been a month with their kittens, I watched both Olive and Hazel take on personal accountability for feeding, cleaning, and caring for their new friends. 

I was amazed and surprised by the responsibility shown by the girls who never complained or ‘shirked’ over the work required to take care of their new wards.

The excitement of coming home each day to interact with the kittens was energizing to observe, and made it even more painful when I heard the news.

Farm cats live dangerous lives; coyotes, dogs, birds of prey, cars, equipment, or a number of other hazards await. 

In this case, following a series of antibiotics, Coco’s fate may have been a persistent kitty illness (with perhaps some mild assistance from rough dog friends).

It is a tough but important lesson for kids and adults to learn. 

Cherish each day with our loved ones, and celebrate your time together, everything has an end point, so make the journey count.

For Coco, who was rescued from a trailer park, received a month of amazing love, attention, and spoiling from Hazel, It was clear that not a moment was squandered, and there will be no regrets. 

To warm memories, and great friends.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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