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Replace complaints with gratitude

I noticed myself getting a bit ‘crotchety' while closing out the past teaching year.

I was complaining, mostly inside my own head, but occasionally out loud as well, about a number of things.

  • “It seems like these kids are trying to fail!”

  • “Who are the parents going to blame next!”

You get the idea.

I was listening to a great podcast with Greg McKeown and immediately took note of a strategy that resonated with me.

Anytime that I complain, outloud or internally, I must immediately replace the thought gratitude.

I’m replacing “Is our food ever coming?” with “Gosh I’m lucky to afford to dine out!”

I’m replacing “Why are the girls so demanding?” with “I’m grateful to have healthy daughters”

I am already feeling a mental satisfaction with this paradigm shift.

Here’s to the start of a less ‘complainy’ existence.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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