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Pragmatism vs. excitement

I was the proverbial ‘third wheel’ during a test drive of my sister Ashley’s new minivan this week.

It was updated, clean, shiny, and had that new car smell. I felt the excitement and energy of a new vehicle.

Meanwhile, I’ve been revelling in the pragmatism of Karina and my own daily drivers; two, five year old Subaru wagons, both reliable, efficient, and more importantly, economical.

As a vehicle ‘buff’ I am constantly learning and relishing in new automotive technology, and I am quite susceptible to the new car ‘pull’.

As of yet, the balance of ‘fun and new’ have not been able to tip the scales against ‘practical  and sufficient’. 

With every new model update I can feel the scales tipping in life’s ongoing 

‘excitement versus pragmatism’ tug of war.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos 

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