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During a ‘Non-violent’ crisis intervention training this week (basically how to diffuse tense student situations without hurting anyone), I encountered a word that was not in my repertoire, yet is a concept I have touted incessantly.

‘Paraverbal’, basically all the non verbal ways that we communicate, which according to the presenters, accounts for 55% percent of how our message is interpreted.

For those of us who work hard at smiling when we are bagged tired and don’t feel like it,

For those who pull their shoulders back even though it would be easier to slouch,

For those talk with an ‘upbeat’ cadence to your voice even when it would be easier to mumble it,

I salute you, you are sending a strong message to the world.

For the rest of us, pay attention to your body language, tone and intonation.

You may find it is out of line with the message that you mean to share.

Be a paraverbal pro, it takes practice and observation.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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