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Make time to share a laugh

My friend Brett recently shared a story about one of his customers who wore a paper plate attached to jogging pants elastic, as a covid mask.

He also informed us of another customer who increased the effectiveness of his own mask by cutting out a cigarette hole in the front.

Real life is often stranger than fiction, and it provides great fodder for humour.

There are an amazing number of funny things that occur around us each day if we pay attention and observe.

These are two of the hundreds of little and big laughs I’ve shared with a group of my closest friends as we meet virtually every Sunday morning for our version of ‘Church’.

It is a little drop of magic that I look forward to each week.

We are going on week 23.

Be intentional and commit to creating your own version of 'Church'.

It takes a tiny bit of work to plan the zoom meeting, but once it becomes a habit, it pays dividends.

You will thank yourself for the effort.

-Now that's a peak ethos.

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