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Lost in translation

“But goodies, what is a ‘but goodie’?” I asked the cashier at the local pharmacy where Olive, Hazel, and I attempted to fill a Christmas wish list for a local senior in need.

Olive had learned from her teacher that the local pharmacy has a tree filled with Christmas lists for elderly persons who have no family around, or gifts for Christmas.

Olive, with her kind heart, informed me that we had to complete the list.

Now we were down to the last item and the two workers and I were having quite the laugh about what a ‘but goodies’ could possibly mean.

“Probably some type of treat” the cashier suggested, and I agreed.

It was about five minutes later during my final review of the items when I finally solved the mystery.

The item was merely a continuation from a disconnected line above

Would like an Elvis CD, possibly oldies…

…but goodies.

I had another good laugh, and wondered why three adults and two kids could not solve the riddle.

We were already on a giving ‘high’ from the act of shopping for someone less fortunate, and the comedic injection added another layer of fun.

Sometimes doing good provides joy on unexpected levels.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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