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I was gazing at the Vegreville tower as I drove into town, imagining how unrecognizable the town would be without this landmark.

In my nerdy daydream I was questioning the obsolescence of radio towers altogether, in an era where radio transmissions can beam directly to low-orbiting satellites (Starlink). 

My contemplation then wandered towards micro-electrical generation, such as mini-nuclear reactors that would move electricity generation to local areas (or individual households) versus pushing power hundreds of miles through wires. How different would our world look without these dangling grids of wires blanketing the world.

Rest assured advancements of technology will inevitably give ‘facelifts’ to our landscape, and as towers come down, or power lines are no longer relevant, it just might beautify our world.

When that day comes we will either embrace the aesthetic change, or hold on to the relics of the past, knowing that a world we are familiar with, is a life we can trust. 

As for the Vegreville tower, it wouldn’t quite be Vegreville without it.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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