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Keep me in the loop

As I drove past the FedEx drop off location, I was curious about the status of our four DNA Methylation tests that I had left with them earlier this week.  Had they left the site? Were they on their way? Had they arrived at the lab? 

Ten minutes later, when I got to my office, an email was waiting in my inbox reading: “Your kit has arrived safely… should have your results ready in 3-5 weeks.”

I felt slightly lighter, knowing I would no longer allocate any mental energy to this one item. 

Receiving updates, such as parcel tracking, project workflows, or follow up emails acknowledging “I’ve received your email, and I will get back to you by next Wednesday” are both refreshing and polite. Responses which take mere seconds to complete, can take hours of wondering or confusion off of the reciprocal side.

Score the easy points whenever possible. Keep people in the loop with clear expectations and updates. When you take the ‘worry of uncertainty’ off the table for the people relying on you, it puts you in the upper echelon of great communication. 

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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