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Journey to explore. Explore to learn.

I cringe at the ‘trailer trap’.

A friend buys their first $60k holiday trailer and every holiday for the next ten years’ revolves around “making use of the trailer”.

Unfortunately that is typically limited to the surrounding lakes and campsites, over and over and over again. At $2.00/L gas journeying to remote destinations with RVs can be quite cost prohibitive.

The spouse of one of my cousins once remarked at how little of the world my cousin had seen. When he visited Vancouver for the first time at age 28 he was stunned by the city and the way the people there lived.

I’m not discrediting the awesome fun of camping, lakes, boating and the great outdoors.

I am simply pointing out that there is a wide world to see, even within our own country.

The learning that takes place when you see alternative lifestyle and nuance, even between communities within the Canadian border, is astounding.

Get out of your comfort zone, head to a brand new location and try on a different culture.

Who knows, you might even fall in love with a new place.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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