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He smiled and waved at me!

Last Friday I asked Olive how her day was.

“It was great daddy!”

I then added the usual.

“What was the best part?”

Her response was so simple and sweet that it made me reflect.

“When we were coming into Mannville a guy in a truck smiled and waved at me!”

We were not able to determine who this friendly individual was, a parent that recognized Olive from school, a family friend, or maybe just a kind stranger.

The significance of this moment highlighted how simple acts of kindness, a smile or a wave, can have such a positive impact on the psyche of another human.

It’s also why so many people insisting on continued mask use often fail to acknowledge the social cost of ‘broken connections’ that can accumulate within our society.

We are a species born to connect, communicate, and work together.

Throw a smile in the pond of life.

You may not see the effects of your ripple, but know that you are advancing human kind one wave at a time.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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