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Farm Cat Life Lottery

Bagel and Milo live a pretty posh life at our farm.

A sheltered home on our deck, with clean linens and protection from the elements.

A couple of cans of wet food a day, unlimited dry cat food.

Hours of cuddling and love each week.

Fresh air, play, and exercise. 

Access to great health care and vaccinations.

Karina and I were recently discussing how these two lucky kitties have a much higher quality of life than some students that we have taught throughout the years.

Love, nutrition, exercise, hygiene, family, fun, and opportunity.

Count yourself lucky if you can check all seven of the above.

Congratulations, like me, you’ve won the childhood life lottery.

It is helpful to remember, when you find yourself aggravated by the stupidity or strange behaviour of others, 

that many people have had less of an opportunity than farm cats,

and some empathy and compassion may go a long way.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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