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Cardio Karaoke

Once the sunlight of the summer has faded, and it is dark out at 5 am, my 12km Wednesday morning run has been reassigned back to the indoor treadmill for the winter. Despite a TV, Netflix, and audiobooks, I find that I quickly get bored senseless by indoor running.

A fun little habit that I ‘invented’ two years ago, enabled by the discovery of ‘lyrics’ on Apple music, has been helping me get through the long runs.

Cardio Karaoke.

In the solitude of my shop gym I set my iphone on my treadmill, and I can unabashedly belt-out all the lyrics to my favourite songs without judgement or fear.

This fun practice helps make the running miles disappear.

I have also convinced myself that these vocal sequences enhance the training experience by challenging the lungs. (a loose hypothesis at best).

Adding your own flavour of ‘fun-factor’ can turn the monotonous, and mundane, into a joyful escape.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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