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Are you pulling the wrong direction?

It is embarrassing to admit that there is a lesson that I have to relearn at least once a week while farming. It happened again today as I frantically attempted a field repair.

Despite my best efforts I was unable to loosen a rather sticky nut.

I kept applying increasing amounts of force until the inevitable happened...

The wrench suddenly slipped and I slammed my knuckles into the machine.

A few choice words later I took the time to assess the situation a little more closely.

I had simply been pulling the wrong way.

By changing direction, the nut broke free easily.

Problem solved.

I have learned long ago, and multiple times since, that anytime a task seems to be taking WAY too much force, there is likely a problem with the process.

This seems to be that case with everything in life.

When you find yourself spinning your tires and using far too much energy,

it may be time to take a breath, evaluate your strategy, and

pull the other direction.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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