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A mindset of play

I watched an instagram post yesterday that shared the following message:

“Regard every activity as ‘play’, and don’t take yourself too seriously”. 

I was reminded of this as I watched a group of young accountants laughing as they struggled through the snow on the way to a long day of auditing. (yuck!)

Embedding this mindset of ‘play’ is an ongoing battle. 

My ethos involves prioritizing fun and levity, yet when life pressures mount, my mood diminishes, and I start acting like a stereotypical ‘grumpy’ grown-up, and I hate it.

During stressful times I like to imagine what it would be like watching my life unfold as a third-party observer (an alien, the simulation overlord…etc.). 

I’d be very disappointed watching the star of the show (me) walk around somber, without having loads of fun.

Shifting to a mindset of ‘play’ can be challenging, especially under the heat of deadlines and responsibilities, but recognizing when correction is needed is the first step to recovery.

As Tony Robbins would say; 

move away from an ‘I have to’ mindset of a victim, 

towards the empowered ‘I get to’ mantra of a leader,

and find the ‘play’ hidden in even the most arduous tasks.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.  

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