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A little appreciation feels amazing

I know that intrinsic motivation is supposed to be enough.

These are the rewards that internally manifest when completing meaningful work, even when the world around you seems to not notice.

For the teacher it is knowing that you are helping a child’s trajectory, even if you never receive a thank-you.

All that aside, I was fortunate to spend one month covering a leave at a local K-12 rural school. After only one month teaching grades 1- 6 PE among other courses, I had the opportunity to connect with many kids, share a tonne of laughs, and hopefully make a bit of an impact.

It was the amazing send-off and show of appreciation on the last day that really ‘put-a-bow’ on many of the glowing moments that I had experienced along the way.

The giant sign and school wide assembly (58 students in the school haha) was one of the greatest send-offs that I had ever received.

It also highlighted the expression that I often use,

“You always remember the way they made you feel”.

I felt appreciated, loved, valued, respected and like I really belonged.

The event reminded me of the importance of sending people off the ‘right’ way.

It matters!

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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