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A life of Service

During a recent drive Karina and I were chatting about how to bring one of our friends out of the ‘funk’ that they have been in recently.

By ‘funk’ I am referring to generally grumpy or unhappy behavior.

This is often observed by the following characteristics:

  • Poutier than usual resting face

  • Taking exception or being overly sensitive to comments

  • Undue complaining, or generally living with a victim mentality

  • Poor eating, fitness, or sleep routines

  • Jealousy towards the achievements of others

Basically any of the characteristics that would lower the ‘energy’ of a room.

As our discussion continued we returned to the idea of selfless action (service) vs selfish actions (me, me, me).

Many books and articles have touted the concept of ‘service’ as a means to happiness.

Anecdotally this has proven itself consistently in our lives as well.

  • How amazing it feels to give kids their first Airplane ride through COPA for Kids

  • Working long hours to help the family get the crop off the field

  • Coaching your daughter’s U5 soccer team and watching the kids run and laugh

As if a sign from the universe, within seconds of bringing this concept up we passed the following vehicle.

A sign, perhaps.

A reminder, definitely.

Take some time to look inwards this week and ask ‘how may I serve?’

- other people, a cause, or simply something greater than ourselves.

- Now that's a peak ethos.

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