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A cell phone free bathroom experience

Something remarkable occurred a month ago.

I sat down at the toilet and forgot my phone at the sink.

How would I ever get through my washroom break?

This moment highlighted the extent of my cell phone addiction. 

It has been so many years of emails, texts, Insta, or Kijiji shopping, during every single moment of idle time, that I had forgotten what quiet contemplation felt like. 

Bathroom breaks, line-ups, and even breaks during workout sets, I would find myself searching for the next piece of data.

Dopamine hit, Dopamine hit, Dopamine hit… 

Join me on this ‘mind-freeing’ challenge of 

phone free bathrooms,

phone free meal-time,

phone free bedtime,

phone free idle-time,

and phone free starts to the day.

I don’t want to see a phone next to me, or feel it buzzing in my pants.

The elite of the future are the people disciplined enough to put tech back under our control.

Schedule designated time to: scroll, shop, respond, learn and laugh with tech.

I am making immersive, distraction-free, participation in the real world a priority, and I invite you along for the journey. Wrangle in your ‘tech’ and take your life back.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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